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NewtOn Projects

Newton is an actively developing company whose goal is to develop, promote and create new materials and technologies. We create new projects based on advanced and interesting developments.

we invite you to join us!

Our projects:
1. Ultralight training gliders on various types of engines.
2. Environmental project of the company "Newton Coating"

We are planning regular expansion of projects. Follow our news!


Freedom of flight


Ultralight training gliders

Safe and highly reliable gliders for training flights. Self-powered glider takeoff and landing, easy handling, high quality performance.


Concrete protection

ECO Project

with love for nature

We love our surrounding world and take care of nature. To continue making the world around us better, the company launches an internal large-scale environmental project.


our other products and technologies (select the desired section)

Newton Omega 805 additive for cement
Newton Omega
Newton Curing
Newton ICV
Newton Fireproof paint
Newton Construction
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