Newton construction

heat reflecting insulation

facade insulation
sun protection
protection against heat loss in winter
insulation of intercut seams
wall insulation inside the building
increased sound insulation
insulation of windows and top openings
insulation cabins of ships and machinery

Newton metall

heat reflecting insulation

metal corrosion protection
elimination of condensate on pipe surfaces
pipelines insulation

overheating protection for tankers

energy conservation in storage tanks

increasing energy efficiency of equipment

increased safety in boiler rooms

reduction of energy losses in homes and industries

Newton FireWall (fireproof)

intumescent fire retardant coating

protection of construction contracts
increase the time of evacuation to 120 minutes
increase of refractoriness of metal constructions
power cable protection against fire
protection of classical insulation from fire
improving the fire safety of any buildings

Newton Thermo-Shield

Newton Curing

high temperature protection system

Composition for reducing the rate of evaporation of water from freshly laid concrete base

a combined system of protection against excess heat

increase safety in production

significant reduction in temperature on hot surfaces
insulation of steam and high temperature gas pipes

increase the cooling time of various materials
increasing energy efficiency of equipment

the thinnest protection against very high temperatures

Professional composition, protection of freshly poured concrete and monolith from premature loss of moisture. Long-term protection even at high ambient temperatures. Produced as a concentrate.

Newton Cork Sealant

Natural Cork Sealant (water-based )

Sealing gaps in windows and doors
Sealing building materials
Heat, sounds and waterproofing sealant
Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly
Sealing joints of building panels
Sealing baths and showers
Protection against fungus and biological contamination
The expansion joint

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