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NewtOn Thermo-Shield

Hybrid insulation system

Liquid heat-reflective insulation Newton
Ceramic blanket or needle punched mat

Application areas:

- pipes with high temperatures
- industrial equipment
- furnaces and heating equipment
- hoods and air duct systems
- pipes with temperatures over 170 degrees
- oil and other storage facilities

​The hybrid system is used on surfaces with temperatures above + 160 degrees Celsius. But it can also be used as ultra-thin thermal insulation at temperatures below +170 degrees.

Chemically resistant materials




Hybrid insulation perfectly reduces the temperature on hot surfaces, while being the thinnest thermal insulation solution.

Hybrid insulation technology has been successfully applied in hot regions with high solar activity to reduce the heating level of water tanks, storage systems and other equipment exposed to the sun.

Our environmentally friendly material does not contain substances harmful to human health. It does not contain chlorides, volatile organic compounds, or heavy metals. In other words, it's safe to use! 

Hybrid technology is economical, safe, the materials used are chemically resistant and have a service life of more than 10 years

The technology has successfully proven itself in the oil, gas and chemical industries, where it is required to avoid losses of thermal energy. The hybrid system can significantly improve the performance of manufacturing processes while avoiding high costs.

Hybrid technology is used both in industry and in the civilian sector. Has successfully proven itself in the restaurant business for insulating hoods from ovens and hot equipment


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