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NewtOn ICV

integrator of currents and voltages

Device dimensions:
Depending on the number of capacitor boards. Simply put - the more powerful the motors and equipment - the more the plan is inside the switchboard. The boards are formed into standard electrical panels.

- reduction of electricity consumption by 15 - 40%;
- increase in efficiency and productivity by 4% of drive motors;
- increasing fire and energy safety;
- reducing the failure and cost of repairing electrical equipment.

The payback period for ICV implementation in an enterprise is about 7 to 24 months.


Technical Presentation


integrator description

Newton ICV

The main functions of ICV:
- significantly increases the service life, safety and reliability of electrical equipment;
- compensates for reactive energy, maintains cos φ = (0.99 ÷ 1);
- reduces the starting currents of asynchronous electric motors by an average of 3 times;
- reduces the operating temperature of electrical conductors and electric motors by 2-3 times;
- increases the dynamic efficiency of power consumers by an average of 4%;
- reduces power consumption by 10 ÷ 40% depending on operating modes;
- limits the charging currents of capacitors when switched on by increasing the time of the main charge, which makes it possible to do without special switching equipment;
- absorbs harmful harmonics of various frequencies;
- suppresses the generation of acoustic noise;
- shunts the electromotive force of electromagnetic induction when switching the electrical receiver;
- reduces the level of electromagnetic radiation from electrical networks;
- reduces network losses in electrical systems;
- reduces vibration of electric motors as a function of the gyroscopic moment of the rotor during fluctuations in the mains voltage.

ICV applications:
- transformers and electric motors;
- asynchronous electric motors;
- electrical receivers of inductive type, electrical networks in general;
- electric melting and welding systems;
- induction furnaces;
- electric trains and electric locomotives;
- traction substations of railways;
- rectifier installations of direct current networks;
- Lightning equipment.

For one device, engine or equipment - 1 ICV device. 
The Intergator is NOT connected in parallel to several devices.

Board size - A4 format. The boards are laid on the inside according to the multi-tiered principle.

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