NewtOn Curing

Concrete surface drying retarder. Extends open time for finishing concrete. Reduces the risk of cracks and deformations.

Application areas:

An innovative concentrate material to significantly reduce the rate of evaporation of water from a freshly laid concrete base.

  • excludes the formation of shrinkage hairline cracks during the setting of concrete and gaining strength;

  • reduces shrinkage when setting concrete;

  • ensures the achievement of the specified strength;

  • eliminates the formation of dust on the surface during concrete shrinkage;

  • increases the frost resistance of concrete;

  • in the case of applying any subsequent layer to the concrete surface (for example, cement screed, plaster), there is no need to remove it with a high pressure washer, etc.;

  • eliminates the need to cure concrete in wet conditions or cover the concrete surface with a wet rag.




Newton Curing - designed to retain moisture in concrete during the process of concrete hydration, as well as to protect against moisture loss when installing thin-layer cement coatings and repair cement compositions:

  • in production facilities

  • in warm and cold warehouses

  • in car services, parking lots, garages

  • in shopping centers and shops

  • at airports, bus stations

When applied:

  • reduces moisture loss in fresh concrete by 90%

  • prevents the formation of hairline cracks during shrinkage during the initial phase of concrete curing

  • increases surface resistance to penetration of oils and some petroleum products

  • prevents dust emission, increases abrasion resistance

  • fast and easy to use

Freshly poured concrete surfaces where the evaporation rate exceeds the rate of moisture release by the concrete.

Laying dry mortar on large surfaces with the need to retain moisture.

NewtOn Curing is free of any volatile organic compounds and is fully environmentally friendly.

Laying concrete outdoors in low humidity, strong winds, direct sunlight or temperatures above 24oC.

Placement of concrete indoors under conditions of heating, low humidity or in places where there are drafts.

It is recommended to use a low pressure sprayer (pump type) with a fan nozzle, for large areas the use of an automatic low pressure sprayer is justified.

Newton Curing
Newton Curing
Newton Curing
Newton Curing
Newton Curing
Newton Curing

Technical specifications:

Appearance : Blue transparent liquid

Volatile organic matter content : 0%

Density at + 20 С  : 1.00 g / cm3

pH of the composition at + 20 C : > + 100 C

Water solubility : Completely soluble

Freezing point : 0 С

freezing cycles : No more than 3 cycles

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