NewtOn Cork Sealant

Sealant based on natural cork.

Water-based dispersion

Application areas:

  • Filling joints during the assembly and repair of prefabricated houses from reinforced concrete.

  • Heat- noise- waterproofing of interpanel seams in various structures.

  • Filling gaps, joints and transitions when laying laminate flooring, parquet, and various floor and wall materials.

  • Installation of installation joints for windows and doors;

  • Filling joints in classic wooden house building and construction of prefabricated panels;

  • The device of expansion joints;

  • The device vibration pads in moving mechanisms;

  • Sound insulation of empty joints in interior partitions.

  • The device of the sealing circuit.

  • Filling joints during the assembly of industrial refrigerators.

The properties:

  • Not afraid of biological infection, fungus.

  • Not afraid of sudden temperature changes

  • Does not change when exposed to sunlight

  • Excellent properties - sound, hydro and thermal insulation

  • Hypoallergenic

  • High adhesion with all materials. It can be applied to any type of materials and surfaces.

  • Repeats the geometry of the surface on which it is applied.

  • After application, there are no "cold bridges".

  • Thermal insulation sealant

  • Completely eco-friendly material!


85% natural cork (crushed cork tree bark)
8% water
5% binder

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