NewtOn Fireproof
Protective fireproof paint
Buckets: 10, 20 liters

Application areas:
- protection of building structures
- increasing the resistance of structures to flame
- protection of industrial buildings in case of fire
- increasing the fire resistance of electrical cables
- increasing the fire resistance of a classic mineral wool insulation
- increasing the fire safety of metal structures

Fire resistance up to 120 minutes

Safe! The composition is water based. Eco-friendly material.

  • Protection of wooden buildings and objects made of pre-fabricated panels, when painting both inside and outside. The paint is safe for humans, because it has a water base, which is completely free of harmful organic compounds.
  • Protection of metal hangars, industrial premises, metal tanks, steel structures for industrial use in places of high and medium risk.
  • Protection of cables, lead-in groups of power cables and power cores both from external effects of fire and from overheating of the cable, preventing the propagation of the braid burning.
  • A significant increase in the fire safety of objects of social importance and cultural and mass leisure. Increasing the evacuation time to 60 and even 120 minutes
  • Protection of energy equipment in transport, industrial and civil facilities
  • Protection of classic insulation and panels, finishing materials and other protective coatings from the effects of fire, preventing it from spreading, significantly reducing the risk of civilian and other losses during a fire situation.
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