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Cleaner PRO Powder

Cleaning powder concentrate (1:10)

The "Cleaner PRO Powder" is a dry free-flowing powder. Does not contain mineral acids. Does not contain chlorine ions.

Designed to remove mineral deposits (scale, rust, carbonate salts, oxides, etc.) from the internal and external surfaces of plate heat exchangers, boilers, boilers, condensers and other heat engineering and heat exchange equipment made of stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, cast iron, ferrous metals and bimetallic structures.

To prepare the working solution, you need to take 1 part of the "Cleaner Pro Powder" for 10 parts of water by weight (kilogram for 10 liters of water)

The amount of agent required to remove scale is calculated based on an average consumption of 1-4 kg dry concentrate per 2 kg of scale.

The product does not affect the gasket material: paronite, fluoroplastic, rubber, etc.



Cleaner PRO Powder

Principle of operation "Cleaner PRO" - NANODETONATION CLEANING TECHNOLOGY - a method of obtaining a chain cyclic chemical reaction, obtained at the interface of media, leading to mechanical rupture and crushing of polluting formations and solid deposits to dispersed suspension.

In addition, scale can lead to damage or complete failure of the equipment - and this is an additional and unplanned expense. And also - we continue to regularly spend funds for the purchase of chemicals, maintenance and repair work. In such a case, this money could become a permanent internal reserve for the enterprises of municipal heat power engineering.

Chemical treatment with acids, as well as mechanical cleaning of equipment is a labor-intensive process that requires a large amount of maintenance and repair work, equipment shutdown, costs for acid reagents, complete or partial deionization of equipment, handover of equipment to specialized firms for cleaning. In addition, dry cleaning is unsafe, including environmentally friendly - it has the most negative impact on the environment and requires additional costs associated with its disposal.

Treatment of equipment with "Cleaner PRO" is a process of active operation of a flushing solution: A chain reaction occurs in the active zones and involves the active component of the purifier involved in the chain reaction, creating a front of the chain reaction movement.

When a chain reaction occurs on the surface of pollution and this process enters the faults and micropores of pollution, a wave micro-shock is created that can effectively destroy the pollution material to a dispersed suspension.

The product provides effective removal of almost all types of contamination and has a number of advantages over other cleaning methods:

  • Safe for non-ferrous metals, plastics and rubber components

  • Does not contain hydrochloric, sulfuric and other aggressive acids

  • Complete cleaning of hard-to-reach places from all types of deposits

  • The spent solution is not toxic to the environment, after use it can be drained into the general drainage system

  • There is no need to dismantle and shutdown equipment for a long time. Flushing can be done at low temperature

  • After application of the washing on the surface of the protective film is formed, which provides corrosion protection equipment.

Due to its efficiency and ease of use, the technology of cleaning equipment from pollution and scale without disassembling equipment is the most optimal in comparison with existing methods.

Flushing and cleaning of equipment is carried out directly at the installation site of the equipment, which is much more profitable than dismantling, sending equipment for maintenance, disassembly, etc. And environmental safety - allows for easy and simple disposal of the product after all work.

Newton Cleaner PRO Powder
Newton Cleaner PRO Powder
Newton Cleaner PRO Powder
Newton Cleaner PRO Powder
Newton Cleaner PRO Powder
Newton Cleaner PRO Powder
Newton Cleaner PRO Powder

Scopes of heat exchangers:

  • heating systems;

  • metallurgy;

  • energy;

  • heat points;

  • chemical and food industries;

  • air conditioning and ventilation systems;

  • communal services;

  • nuclear industry;

  • refrigeration industry.

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