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Cleaner PRO Liquid

Cleaning ;liquid concentrate (1:5)

Cleaner PRO Powder is a concentrated liquid formulation. Does not contain mineral acids. Does not contain chlorine ions. Not flammable. Environmentally friendly - can be disposed of in the general sewer after use.

Designed to remove various types of mineral deposits (scale, rust, carbonate salts, oxides, etc.). It can be used for domestic purposes (heat exchangers, washing machines, etc.) as well as in industries and in various areas of industry when flushing boilers, heat exchange equipment, etc.

To prepare the working solution, take 1 liter of "Cleaner Pro Liquid" per 5 parts of water by weight (kilogram per 10 liters of water). The ready-made working solution has a service life of up to 5 years. Can be packaged in consumer containers for retail sale.

The product does not affect plastic surfaces, rubber and other gaskets, it is safe for any type of equipment - from home to industrial.

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  • Principle of operation of "Cleaner PRO Liquid" - NANODETORATION CLEANING TECHNOLOGY is a method of obtaining a chain cyclic chemical reaction occurring at the interface of media, leading to mechanical rupture and crushing of contaminants and solid deposits to a dispersed suspension.

  • Treatment of equipment with the "Cleaner PRO Liquid" is a process of active operation of the flushing solution: a micro chain reaction takes place in the active zones, in which the active component of the cleaner is involved. Due to active reactions, pollution is removed from the surface.

  • When a chain reaction occurs on the surface of the pollution, and this process affects the faults and micropores of the pollution, a wave microshock is created, which can effectively destroy the pollution material to a dispersed suspension.

  • The tool effectively removes almost all types of dirt and has a number of advantages over other cleaning methods:

  • Safe for non-ferrous metals, plastics and rubber parts.

  • Does not contain hydrochloric, sulfuric and other aggressive acids.

  • Complete cleaning of hard-to-reach places from all types of deposits

  • The spent solution is not toxic to the environment, after use it can be discharged into the general sewer.

  • There is no need to dismantle and shut down the equipment for a long time. Flushing can be done at low temperatures.

  • After applying the wash, a protective film forms on the surface, which protects the equipment from corrosion.

  • Due to its efficiency and ease of use, the technology for cleaning equipment from dirt and scale without disassembling the equipment is the most optimal in comparison with existing methods.

  • For a more efficient and accelerated cleaning process, it is recommended to heat the ready-to-use concentrate to 25-40 degrees Celsius. In household appliances such as washing machines, irons, etc. - the heating process can be easily adjusted.

Cleaner PRO Liquid
Cleaner PRO Liquid
Cleaner PRO Liquid
Cleaner PRO Liquid
Cleaner PRO Liquid
Cleaner PRO Liquid
Cleaner PRO Liquid

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