NewtOn Coating is one of the most actively developing companies. Our main task is to solve various technical issues and tasks related to energy conservation, insulation and thermal protection of various circuits, structures, equipment and transport. Our material allows us to solve 90% of existing industrial and private tasks. We constantly monitor the quality of products and improve the chemical formula of the material.


Thanks to the trust of our partners, we have managed to successfully solve many complex technical problems in the most diverse areas - refrigeration transportations, transportation of hazardous chemicals with material preservation and increased transportation volume, thermal insulation of transport, energy efficiency of construction sites, etc.

We are getting better with you!

We always support our partners around the world.

With us, comfortable anywhere in the world!

- Competent technical support
- Sending materials to anywhere in the world
- Use only quality and proven materials
- Regular development of new technologies and chemical compounds

Using our technologies and materials - you are always confident in the quality of the desired result.

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