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NewtOn Sheet

Composite heat-reflecting sheet with high temperature resistance

Flat sheet thermal insulation material, which is sheets of various sizes, 2-3 mm thick. The sheets are flexible and plastic.

Application areas:

- Household appliances (ovens, freezers and refrigerators)

- Aerospace

- Automobile transport

- Building construction

- Chimney insulation

- Fire protection

- Storage heaters

- Industrial pipelines


"Newton sheet" is a composite material consisting of three main layers.


The lower part of the sheet is a heat-insulating refractory sheet based on silica fiberglass mullite, a high-temperature material produced from alumina melt and quartz sands, which belongs to aluminosilicate refractory materials, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1600°C.


The middle part of the sheet is a non-woven pro-primed sheet based on glass fiber filaments. (reinforcing effect)


The upper part of the sheet is an ultra-light and ultra-thin heat-reflecting insulating material, which includes nano-dispersed artificially grown particles in suspension, with a complex closed spherical structure. The use of closed spherical particles of various diameters in the composition of the coating forms the most consolidated structure, due to which, it becomes possible to reduce heat losses many times over. It is used on surfaces with a constant temperature of +400 °C and withstands peak (not constant) temperatures up to +600 °C.


Minimum energy loss

Eco-friendly "Green Material"

Fire protection

Weight savings - ultralight material

Increased security

Elastic material

Benefits of Newton Leaf:

1. Resistance to alkalis and acids

2. Resistant to thermal shock and vibration.

3. Effective thermal insulation.

4. Non-susceptibility to aging processes.

5. Flexibility and high strength.

6. Eco-friendly

7. Light weight


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