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Group NewtOn company offers a wide range of products tailored to each client's needs. We make sure our products are reliable and efficient throughout the entire process of creation - from design to final quality assurance procedures. We are delighted to be one of the most renowned companies in the industry. Contact us to find out what benefits we offer.



Successful and mutually beneficial partnerships with partners anywhere in the world.


Regular research, search and development of advanced technologies in various directions


Consistent high quality of supplied products and advanced technologies


Wide geography of deliveries of their own development, materials and technologies


Technical support and consulting services to all partners in all projects


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Heat reflective insulation

Newton Metal
Newton Construction

Liquid ceramic heat-reflective materials to reduce exposure to high temperatures, reduce heat loss in cold conditions, improve energy efficiency.


Concrete protection

Newton Curing

Safe and effective protective compounds to prevent moisture evaporation from freshly poured concrete and monoliths


Fireproof coatings

Newton Fireproof


Water-dispersion compositions for protection of structures from the effects of fire, intumescent paint coatings. Fire protection from 45 to 90 minutes

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Energy saving installations

Newton ICV

Energy-saving installations to reduce the cost of electricity consumption, improve the efficiency of equipment. engines, power plants.


Migratory corrosion inhibitors

Newton Omega 800

Migrating corrosion inhibitors for the protection of steel reinforcement in concrete. Deep penetration into concrete, can be added when making concrete mortar.


ADDITIVE - cement inhibitor

Omega 805 ADDITIVE

An innovative cement additive. It allows the production of dry cements containing a highly effective corrosion inhibitor for steel reinforcement. The additive is produced in powder form and is easily incorporated into the production process of dry cements.


Cleaning powder concentrate

Cleaner PRO Powder

Powder concentrate for safe and effective flushing of boilers, heating boilers, heating equipment. Eliminates plaque, scale, deposits in equipment. Not a classic acid! Can be disposed of down the drain.

Cleaner PRO liquid 1.jpg

Liquid cleaning concentrate

Cleaner PRO Liquid

Designed to remove scale, deposits, biological contamination. It can be used both in domestic conditions (washing machines, irons, etc.) and for industrial purposes (heating boilers, boilers, etc.). Not a classic acid.  Highly effective cleaning agent


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Newton Coating Presentation
Newton Coating Presentation

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projects of our company

"Newton Omega" - Ultra-effective corrosion inhibitors introduced to the world market

05 August 2020

Newton Omega are professional inhibitors that help solve a wide variety of industrial and construction tasks. Due to their effectiveness, these types of anti-corrosion protection will be in demand in a huge number of industries, and will repeatedly prove their effectiveness.


"Newton Omega" - Ultra-effective corrosion inhibitors introduced to the world market

14 April 2020

Rust converter - a material that is really effective! The company plans to introduce a new type of rust converter. It is designed to effectively remove traces of corrosion and rust from metal. Soon the material will be available to all partners.


Presentation of the Newton ICV energy-saving unit for foreign markets

12 May 2020

Reducing electrical costs is one of the most important challenges in the modern world. ICV technology is a real breakthrough in the field of efficient energy, solving a variety of tasks: from reducing electrical costs to increasing the efficiency of equipment operation, you can learn more in the description of this technology in the "Products" section.


Expansion of the network of global sales representatives

03 December 2019

Our partners are our pride! It is with great pleasure that we support our colleagues around the world by offering a wide range of technologies to solve various technical problems. The number of our partners is growing regularly and we tell you - thank you for your trust!



Ultralight composite turbine gliders

The company unveiled an ultralight composite training glider that takes off independently with its own turbine engines, with the ability to land both on asphalt surface and in an open field. The special feature of this glider is ...



Cement additive - a new word in the field of cement production

Cement additive is a unique development for cement production. Allows to create cements containing dry, highly effective migratory corrosion inhibitors. The additive significantly improves the characteristics of the



Protection of concrete structures in hard environments

"Newton Omega 800" is a universal migratory corrosion inhibitor for steel reinforcement in concrete. Designed as a highly effective protection for structures in severe exploitation conditions, as well as for restoration and restoration work.


ECO project

Newton for the nature


- restoration of green natural resources by planting new trees, perception of its beauty and diversity;

- formation of knowledge about trees and shrubs;

- development of empathy for the troubles of nature, the desire to fight for its preservation;

- developing an understanding of the relationships in nature and the place of man in them;

- fostering a respectful attitude towards all life on Earth, love of nature;

The project will be activated soon